Samsung SPH-M810 clears the FCC, is probably the Instinct Mini


Just weeks ago, word got out that a fun-sized version of the Instinct was on the way. It looks like it might have just cleared the FCC. How can we assume that its the Instinct Mini and not just any random Samsung?

  • The model number is SPH-M810. The original Instinct’s model is SPH-M800.
  • Specs are in line with what was previously leaked (CDMA, EVDO)
  • Some dude on HoFo says he has seen it and it is so – and people on the internet never, ever lie. Ever.

Truthfully, the model number popping up so close to the Instinct Mini’s rumored launch target window of Mid-March is what did it for us. We can probably expect Sprint to start mentioning this thing in the coming weeks.

[Via UnwiredView]