Watchmen MMO coming for the iPhone, looks kind of lame

It’s hard to judge a game based off of 30 seconds of footage – but when just about everything in said 30 seconds of footage seems broken, it’s probably safe to assume the game isn’t going to be great.

G4Tv’s MMO Report just pushed a post on Watchmen: Justice is Coming by Last Legion Games, an online multiplayer game for the iPhone and iPod Touch. As far as we can tell, the game involves (slowly) walking around New York City, dressing up your character, and taking turns punching each other, all complete with chunktastic animations. It uses Amazon’s Cloud services (EC2, presumably) as the back end, which is kind of cool.

We’ll wait until the game launches (March 6th, same day as the movie) for the final verdict. We don’t mean to be unnecessarily harsh, but when you’re building on a license with a fairly hardcore audience of fanboys, whatever you bring to the table has to be boiling hot.