BlackBerry Application Center redubbed as BlackBerry App World

Way back in October of 2008, RIM announced that they’d be joining in on the App Store game with the launch of an application outlet of their own. While it has yet to see the light of day, RIM is announcing that at least one thing has since been finalized: the name. The temporary “BlackBerry Application Center” moniker has been abandoned, with RIM instead opting for “BlackBerry App World”. Kind of a step down, in our opinion.

Yeah, yeah; a rose by any other name, yada yada. But seriously – BlackBerry App World? Why not just go with “Apps n’ Things” or “Apps, Bath, and Beyond” instead? BlackBerry devices tend to emit an aura of professionalism, and this new name just seems a bit.. silly.

The BlackBerry Developers page will see an update around 7 pm (PST) this evening to reflect the changes. At the same time, RIM will be opening up a notification sign up list at (Note: This page is currently dead) for folks who want an alert as soon as the BlackBerry Application Center App World goes live.

A cheesy name deserves an equally cheesy nickname – from here on out, we’ll be calling it “Blappworld”.