OneRiot Keeps The Pulse On Web Searches

OneRiot, a social search engine that launched late last year, doesn’t want to replace Google search mechanism, it just wants to offer web users another option. OneRiot produces search results based on what the greater public is viewing pertaining to a particular subject. This non-traditional search engine adds a social lens to the search experience, measuring what people are talking about and viewing on social networks, blogs and websites and then giving the user top results based on this information. The engine also provides add-ons for Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari, for those searchers who want the search engine built into their browser.

OneRiot is forging some interesting partnerships with a few high profile companies to get its feet off the ground. This month, OneRiot is working with Microsoft to spread the word among college campuses about the release of Internet Explore 8. Each browser downloaded through the Microsoft’s Surf. Search. Sizzle. initiative will be bundled with OneRiot’s search application.

Last December, OneRiot announced the search engine’s integration with Facebook Connect to allow anyone with a Facebook profile to login and make comments to OneRiot topics. And this week, OneRiot unveiled its Facebook toolbar which lets users receive automatic notifications of Friend Requests, Messages, Wall Posts and Photos from within the browser. The toolbar comes loaded with OneRiot social search engine.

And on Tuesday, March 10, OneRiot will be launching the beta version of its site with a new interface and the ability to search for videos based off what other people are searching. OneRiot’s concept certainly won’t replace Google’s search engine but its definitely an interesting comparison to conventional search engines.