Palm Treo Pro for Sprint gets dated

ptr850hk_lpiThe Treo Pro was supposed to launch in January on Sprint and then it was rumored to launch on the 15th of February, but that never happened either. Then we realized the Pre was coming, so the Treo Pro didn’t matter at all.

However, BGR was claiming that a Palm device, presumably the Pre, would be launching on March 15th according to a leaked memo. The Treo Pro was also on that list and set for a 3/15 launch to replace the 800w. Well, that rumor was half right. But it’s not the Pre that’s launching next week on Sprint. It’s the Treo Pro.

Sure, it’s a Windows Mobile device, but it’s the first Palm device to have IE Mobile 6, which supports Flash and other fun desktop-like browsing familiarity. It packs Wi-Fi, GPS and a gaggle of Sprint services. Look for it at your local Sprint store on March 15th for $200 after a $100IR and $100MIR.