Blackberry App World minimum paid price set at $2.99

RIM took the wraps off of App World yesterday and now we are getting the first taste of what’s to come. It seems that the minimum paid tier (apps can be free, btw) for an app is $2.99, which is catching some of us off guard as Apple’s App Store has been widely successfully with $.99 and $1.99 apps. That extra dollar might make people stop and think about purchasing the app rather than buying on impulse alone.

This tier pricing system is potentially a good thing for developers looking to make some cash thanks to the higher price, but $.99 apps historically sell very well thanks to the impulse-set price. Who in their right mind would spend $2.99 on a fart app? No one, but a lot of people did spend $.99 on an iPhone app as one occupied the top selling slot for weeks previously.

Maybe RIM is trying to weed out some of these, well, farting-type apps. After all, Blackberrys are marketed as a more professional type device and fart apps might not be within RIM’s vision. But for $3, these apps better be pretty damn good.

App World Developer FAQ via Crackberry