School of Everything secures second seed funding round

London-based School of Everything has secured a follow on seed funding round similar in amount to their first, which was £350,000. The new funding comes from Tim Jackson, founder of and LendAround, who now joins joined the board of the company. Channel 4 Education has followed up its initial investment through its new innovation fund 4iP and Sean Park and Geoff Mulgan join existing investors Rocco Pellegrinelli and the Young Foundation in this round. The site is looking to expand internationally. Existing investors are Web veteran Esther Dyson and British Telecom’s JP Rangaswami.

The site was a startup in the Seedcamp competition of 2007 but was not one of the finalists, despite it being a strong contender. The site matches up people who want to learn with teachers who can teach them. Whether it’s yoga or languages, music or blogging 101, teachers can sign up to teach anything – as long as it’s legal.

Currently it has over 12,000 active users in the UK and is growing fast. The team is based in Bethnal Green in East London.