Blu-ray and flat-panels sales are increasing in Japan

Shocker of the day, folks: modern A/V technology is selling well in Japan. DfK Marketing Services Japan just announced the results of a 2008 study which concluded that the Blu-ray format and flat-panel TVs are seeing sales numbers increasing. Actually, it’s impressive as the country is experience an economic slow down similar to ours here in the States.

From Tech-On!

Sales of Blu-ray Disc recorders, which sold as well as flat panel TVs, reached 1.34 million units, rapidly expanding from the preceding year’s 160,000 units. Compared with total sales of DVD players/recorders and Blu-ray Disc recorders, which edged down 0.1% YoY to 7.15 million units in 2008, the numbers reflect the fact that the DVD market is shifting to Blu-ray Disc.

LCD TV sales surged in particular, increasing 20% YoY to 9.06 million units or rising 8% YoY on a value basis. PDP TV sales climbed 8% YoY to 1.01 million units in 2008 although they slowed slightly in the second half. On a value basis, however, PDP TV [plasma] sales decreased 7% YoY due to the drop in the average selling price.

It’s hard to draw any accurate conclusion on these numbers without first seeing the same study here in America, but at least one thing is for sure. The Japanese’s are at least supporting their own economy with these purchases. That’s something we can’t say here.