Carnival Hammer for the iPhone – this won't end well.

Step right up, ladies and gentleman! Test your strength and potentially break the hell out of your iPhone!

Carnival Hammer is a new game for the iPhone that simulates.. well, a carnival hammer. You know, that game where you smash a little pad with an awkwardly weighted hammer to try and impress your lady friend with your smash-a-little-pad-with-an-awkwardly-weighted-hammer skills?

It’s a cute idea, and the game looks like it was designed well – but look, iPhone developers. Remember all that nonsense when the Wii first came out where people who sucked at holding onto things were flinging the Wiimotes into their TV sets? Nintendo had to double up the strength of their wriststrap – but that wasn’t enough, so they wrapped the remotes in a pillow. The iPhone doesn’t have a hole for a wrist strap, and people probably aren’t going to wrap their iPhones up in big padded jackets. Making use of the accelerometer is great, but any game that promotes people thrusting the iPhone through the air as hard as they can is probably a bad idea.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to work out so that I can thrust my iPhone through the air as hard as I can when the game launches in the App Store on 3/20/09.

[via NoWhereElse]