Siftables: another way to make kids smarter than us

MIT graduate student David Merrill was inspired by building blocks to design computerized blocks called Siftables. They are interactive computers each the size of a cookie and can sense each other and their motion. “Each Siftable has a color OLED screen, four infrared communication modules – one in each direction in the horizontal plane – a 3-axis accelerometer, and a Bluetooth radio,” Merrill explained. The Siftables have many applications including language, math, and logic games for kids. The video demoes the Siftable Music Sequencer where each Siftable represents an instrument or music feature.

Merrill did not suggest how much these will cost when they end up manufacturing them. Ideally the Siftables should be sold in sets so they can interact with each other. Considering the impressive technology that goes into the Siftables, they won’t be cheap. If you want updates, here’s the Siftables site.

[via Ars Technica]