Video Review: Onion Goggles

onion goggles
It must be pretty cool to be a professional inventor. Chris Hawker, the guy who runs Trident Design in Columbus, OH, is a professional inventor and has brought us the Power Squid and the Thirsty Light. He’s also responsible for Onion Goggles, which I review in this brief video.

Preparing for this review, I’ve learned all kinds of strategies for cutting an onion without crying. The most common is to stick the onion in the freezer for a bit before cutting, but my buddy the chef says that’s not as effective as people would like to believe. Here’s a video of how to cut an onion without crying, which may work, but wastes almost half of the onion and takes way too long. Other strategies include lighting a candle next to you as you cut the onion, cutting it under running hot water, or placing a wooden match under your tongue. WTF?

I can say unequivocally that the Onion Goggles work. I cut, chopped, and man-handled a variety of potent onions with the Onion Goggles on, and nary a tear was shed. As soon as I removed the goggles, the thiopropanal sulfoxide hit me hard, and tears began to flow.

Bottom Line
If you’re a professional chef, or just really really susceptible to crying when you cut onions, the Onion Goggles might be a nice little investment for you.