Nokia E75 photo quality samples trickle out – what do you think?


We’re not sure whether the big-wigs over in Finland gave this one the greenlight, but a series of photos taken by a prototype E75 have escaped their owner’s cubicle and landed on the internets. We certainly hope he got this approved, seeing as how one of the photo samples is his badge.

The photos themselves don’t look too shabby to us, though they’re not mind-blowingly exceptional. All of the blues/grays seem a bit noisy, but it’s only noticeable at the larger sizes. However, it should be noted that all of the shots are taken in a relatively optimal environment, all nice and naturally lit. Low light shots are where most phone camera’s fail miserably. Hey Stefan – how about some shots from a night out at the pub?

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For the full set, head over to the TheNokiaBlog.