T-Mobile G1 to get the Cupcake update in April

With the HTC Magic launching in April, we probably could have guessed that the Cupcake update would be ready to ship to the G1 at the same time. But now we don’t need to guess – a T-Mobile rep has gone and confirmed it.

PocketLint nudged at T-Mo a bit, and got the following response: “We will be offering G1 users the firmware update sometime in April. We can’t say whether this will be connected with the launch of the HTC Magic as we aren’t aware of what alterations if any they are making to the operating system”.

Yeah, yeah – in other words, neither has a date set in stone just yet, but both can be expected some time next month.

Just tuning in to all this Cupcake business? Here’s a recap of the major features it’s bringing to the platform:

  • On screen keyboard
  • Copy and paste and inline search in the browser
  • Stereo Bluetooth
  • Video recording
  • Live Folders