Bijin Tokei: Hot-Japanese-Girls gadget for iGoogle and Vista released


A Tokyo-based design company calle Phiria [JP] has recently launched Bijin Tokei (Hot Girl Clock), a site where you get to see one hot Japanese girl every minute for 24 hours. (The service experiences server problems from time to time so you might want to look around on the Japanese site instead.) The excuse for Phiria to show random girls to visitors is to have them pose as “time card girls”.

Every time you access Bijin Tokei, you will get to see a different number holding a sign in her hands that displays the current time. And that’s about it, really. Depending on where you live, the site may screws  this up because it can’t really handle different time zones but that’s OK.

The girls are not changing every minute but rather every five minutes or so but that’s OK, too.  Look at the pictures below for 22:00 to 22:03. This is pure poetry.





You can get the full Bijin Tokei experience alternatively as a gadget for iGoogle gadget or Windows Vista by clicking here (good thing there are no language barriers in this case).

For the impatient, perfectionist collectors (we know you’re out there): Copy/paste the link below and replace the “0000” with any time you wish to get to see every girl without waiting.

Via Asiajin (Hat tip to Japanese blogger Akky Akimoto)