Awww, no more Sprint commercials featuring CEO Dan Hesse as an everyman

The sun has set on our day of fun in the sun as it pertains to Sprint CEO Dan Hesse appearing in any more TV commercials, according to the Wall Street Journal. As believable as it was watching a guy who cleared almost $4 million in his first year sitting in a greasy spoon diner, walking through Central Park alone at night, and working all day from a taxi cab while pitching the idea that tough economic times call for a $99-per-month phone plan over a bed of classical music, it appears that Sprint will be switching gears with its marketing efforts.

For what it’s worth, Hesse says that the ads have worked, especially as far as brand recall is concerned. He’s probably right, too. If you asked someone which phone company has the black and white commercials with the guy in the suit and nice winter coat talking directly to the camera, most people might recall that they’re Sprint commercials.

Hesse also says “I’ll wear out – they’ll get tired of seeing that guy.” He’s probably right about that, too. We’ve certainly all been tired of the Verizon guy since the first “Can you hear me now?” ad but that hasn’t stopped them from milking that campaign for what feels like eons.

No word on what we’ll see next from Sprint, but Hesse can now add “former” in front of “TV pitchman” on his acting resume.

[via BGR]