Sprint's device lineup for Q1-Q3 leaks


Secrets, Secrets, are no fun. Well, unless said secrets have to do with a ridiculous number of unannounced devices and details, and said secrets leak all over the internet. Then they’re a blast.

PhoneNews managed to get their hands on Sprint’s entire device roadmap for Q1 through Q3 of 2009, and each page packs a bit of fun – so be sure to look through them all.

Update: We didn’t see any reason to doubt the slides as legit, but we’ve gone ahead and confirmed with a few sources that at least some the details below are accurate. Doesn’t mean things can’t change, but the fact that a handful of the details below can be confirmed lends credence to the slide deck as a whole.

Some of the highlights:

  • “Palm, BlackBerry, and Palm with Android/Google Android device in Q4 09”.
  • Confirms BlackBerry Niagara for Q3
  • Confirms HTC Rhodium for Q3
  • Confirms Instinct 2/Instinct Mini/Samsung “Dash” for Q3