Elecom's "Scope Node" mouse is supposedly like holding a pen

Elecom is an excitable (lots of exclamations) Japanese electronics manufacturer that makes a lot of different stuff, among which is an extensive line-up of mice. I like the Egg Mouse and this one with a thumb wheel orientated differently from most. But this “Scope Node” one is intriguing, even if I’m a bit skeptical. It purports (as far as the translation allows it to purport) to have a form factor such that holding it is like holding a pen. I think this is a good idea but the ergonomic design is probably not refined enough to make it as revolutionary as it seems.

m-sn1ulsv1_01lThe “BOTANREZAMAUSU” (I think that’s “Button Razor Mouse”) costs about $65. I’d get one to review (along with some of their other cool stuff) but I get the feeling it’d be a huge chore, not to mention difficult for readers to order one even it it were to be super cool. Either way, it’s definitely a sweet-looking mouse. If the sensor is at the corner there, it would be a different experience for most people, who have mice with a dead-center sensor.

I’ll see what I can do about getting one to test out.