Tanita and Garmin team up to help your personal trainer wirelessly monitor you

tanitaTanita just announced that they’ve teamed up with Garmin to create a wireless body composition monitor to wirelessly link all kinds of fitness information to your PC or even a Garmin FR60 Fitness Watch. Now you’ll be able to constantly track such exciting information as your body fat percentage, hydration levels, and metabolic age rating in real time.

The BC-1000 Body Composition monitor is a platform that you step on to, and then it will measure your muscle mass, overall physique rating, daily caloric intake, metabolic age rating, bone mass, and visceral fat levels. That information is then transmitted wirelessly to your computer or the Fitness Watch, where the information can be stored and tracked. It doesn’t sound exciting, but for anybody on a diet or just interested in fitness it could be really useful.

It’s currently available online at thecompetitiveedge.com — you’re looking at from $300-$400 for the whole setup.