Kontagent Now Offers Uber Analytics For iPhone And Web Applications Using Facebook Connect

Kontagent, one of last year’s fbFund winners and social analytics platform, has launched measurement tools for iPhone and web applications with Facebook Connect support. Kontagent’s application integrates tightly with platforms such as Facebook to offer widget and Facebook application developers a high level of analytics data. Now Kontagent is offering its free tools to Facebook Connect iPhone and web apps so that the applications can have access to the startup’s powerful measurement platform.

Kontagent will provide the same in-depth data it provides to Facebook Apps to the Facebook Connect iPhone and web apps. This includes detailed data of demographics based on geographic location, age groups, gender, user engagement times and other variables. The platform provides powerful A/B testing across any viral channel (a button, an invite or a notification) that sits inside Facebook. Kontagent also will also offer developers viral optimization tools to track the virality of the application on Facebook. For example, the platform will track how much time it takes users to receiving a viral notification and then act on the notification or invite.

Kontagent co-founder and CEO Albert Lai says that the extension of the platform to include Facebook Connect mobile apps could be helpful for developers looking to create and then track an additional viral movement around an iPhone app besides just through the iPhone app store. Lai says that the data Kontagent provides will help developers engineer in-depth ways in which games can become distribution vehicles both on the web and on the iPhone. The cross-platform play is compelling because of the ability to retrieve powerful analytics for both native Facebook apps as well as for Facebook Connect apps.

With Kontagent’s new tool, developers will have insightful tools to measure and then optimize social distribution of their apps via Facebook and Facebook Connect. And these tools are being incorporated with mobile apps, putting some iPhone apps on the same playing field as web apps. Lai says they are in talks with MySpace to possibly develop the same in-depth analytics for MySpaceID apps but declined to comment further.