Elevator Pitch Friday: Song.ly Lets You Share Music Via Twitter

This week’s elevator pitch comes from Song.ly, a service that takes the URL of an MP3, shortens it for Twitter so that a user can tweet the url of the song, and then puts it into a compact Flash player for listening. The pitch is short, sweet, and gets bonus points for articulating the concept behind the startup’s business model.

Song.ly allows users to submit the link for an MP3 (you can’t download music, it must have a url) and then transforms the link into a short url that you can then tweet to friends. Your friends don’t have to download the music, it opens in a Flash player. Song.ly also has cool Firefox add-on that allows you to share songs with just two clicks. Song.ly makes money from affiliate fees and premium services for business clients.

As we’ve reported earlier, there are a lot of ways music is being integrated with Twitter. Tra.kz and TinySong do similar things as Song.ly. In fact, TinySong seems to be providing more comprehensive song selection, and like Song.ly, converts the song into a tiny url with the click of a button. But, Song.ly has a Tweet button that automatically adds the url to your Twitter post-all to do is click the “update” button.