Microsoft tweaks Windows Mobile 6.5 UI for the haters


On left: Old and busted. On right: New hotness.

When Windows Mobile 6.5 ROMs started floating around the Internet, people complained about the Honeycomb interface. When Microsoft made Windows Mobile 6.5 official at MWC, people complained about the Honeycomb interace. And when Microsoft started soliciting feedback from employees? You guessed it: complaints about the Honeycomb interface.

Growing tired of the nagging, Microsoft has decided to drop the Honeycombs. In a 6.5 overview presentation at MIX09, Loke Uei Tan, Senior Technical Product Manager of Mobile at Microsoft, puts the slightly modified look out there for all to see. They’re keeping the staggered icon arrangement, but nixing the hexagonal outlines in favor of bigger icons. They’ve also brushed up the overall usability, making it a whole lot easier to scroll right to the icon you’re looking for. You can see all the changes in motion in the video after the jump – scrub over to around 6:50 for the meaty bits.

Note: You’ll need Silverlight for the video.

[Via ArsTechnica]