Rumor: iPhone with video recording coming later this year?


Disappointed that the iPhone OS 3.0 announcement didn’t bring video recording? Sure – you’re not alone. With jailbreak-only applications like Cycorder having been recording videos for months now, many iPhone users are having a hard time understanding why Apple has yet to make it official – or why they haven’t allowed video recording applications in the App Store.

If this latest rumor (#5,432,938 for those keeping track at home) rings true, it might be yet another case of what Apple does best: good ol’ planned obsolescence. According to AppleInsider‘s source “who’s proven extremely reliable when predicting changes to the Cupertino-based company’s hardware offerings”, a third revision of Apple’s finest will be announced later this year complete with an upgraded camera.

Their source also indicates that the new revision would bring dramatic improvement’s to the handset’s gaming prowess, though nothing specific was mentioned.

As much as our contract-locked selves may hate to admit it, it’s quite likely that Apple is planning to continue the trend of yearly iPhone updates. The iPhone and iPhone 3G were announced in June and July respectively; if a 2009 model is on the way, a mid-year announcement is quite likely. The iPhone 3G brought no upgrades to the camera of the original, so such an improvement is long overdue.

Would you be annoyed if Apple limited video recording to this (currently mythical) third iteration? Voice out in the comments below.