BorderWare Offers Comprehensive URL Filtering Software

Email and web security provider BorderWare Technologies is releasing a comprehensive URL filtering solution that could fill the gaps that currently exist with existing URL filtering measures. URL filtering is the common way to prevent users from entering a site with questionable content. The way security software works is that each time a questionable link is being accessed, the software filters through approximately 35 million websites and pages that are currently categorized in filtering databases, according to BorderWare. Google has indexed more that 1 trillion sites, meaning that there is a 96 percent deficit of uncategorized sites in the index.

BorderWare’s Dynamic Inspection program hopes to fill this security gap by offering a software that performs a real-time examination and analysis of all webpage content as it enters an organization’s network without the false positives that URL filtering are sometimes prone to, attempting to offer 100 percent coverage. BorderWare Dynamic Inspection is a real-time engine performing content filtering for every webpage along with URL categorization and anti-malware. By using advanced analysis in relation with policies set by an organization, Dynamic Inspection is able to evaluate each webpage within a site, before it enters an organizations network, instead of blocking entire sites based on generic terms in the URL or content that may falsely identify threat. BorderWare also offers an interesting free service where you can check the “reputation” of a site through the website Reputation

BorderWare faces competition from a variety of other software providers, including McAfee and Websense. Web security software is a highly competitive business; it should be interesting to see if BorderWare can capture a significant marketshare with the roll out of its new product.