BSQUARE reportedly porting Flash technology to Android devices

android-flashLet’s be honest. When companies talk about providing “complete” Internet access on their mobile devices, they are really only speaking a half-truth. That is, at least until Adobe Flash comes to mobile browsers.

Love it or hate it, Flash has become an integral website component, be it for video playback, games, or interactive animations. Its absence is very noticeable while surfing the Net on iPhones, WinMo / Symbian handsets, and Android -powered devices alike.

While Adobe continues to work on an official mobile Flash version (except for the iPhone), that hasn’t stopped other third parties from jumping the gun.

According to CNET, self-proclaimed “mobile & embedded systems experts” – BSQUARE – sent a message to reporters earlier today stating that it “has been tapped by a global tier 1 carrier to port the Adobe Flash technology to the Android platform.”

The brief article goes on to say that BSQUARE has already “ported Flash to more than 100 embedded devices.” I guess that’s suppose to give us some hope that Flash is on its way to Android, with or without Adobe. At this point, we’ll just have to wait and see…