Final Fantasy Advent Children comes out on Blu-ray on June 7


Mark your calendar(s) for June 7, Final Fantasy fans, for that’s when Final Fantasy Advent Children comes out on Blu-ray. So says the eponymously named What “bonus features” can we look forward to?

Well, you get a bunch of filler, including the “Legacy of Final Fantasy VII” featurette, but also listed is an “exclusive sneak peak at Final Fantasy XII”. What does that mean? A new trailer? An old trailer? A short demo that you can pop into your PS3? Who knows!

The Blu-ray comes with both Japanese and English voice work in Dolby TruHD, so that’s neat.

And speaking of voice work—work with me here for a minute—why is it that in Street Fighter IV, for example, Capcom can’t hire a Russian voice actor to voice Zangief, a Spaniard to voice Vega, a Hindi (presumably) speaker to voice Dhalsim, etc. It’s so annoying to hear everyone speaking English when they’re all supposed to be from this or that country.

via Kotaku