T-Mobile's My Account app hits Android Market

g1 my account android appGuess what G1 users? T-Mobile has released its first Android app – My Account – to the Android Market. Now you have the ability to check pertinent account information right from the ‘droid in your hand.

According to Android and Me, T-Mo’s free My Account app provides “current activity, bill summary, plan information, online payment, help guides, forums, battery info, storage info, and more.”

While there’s nothing terribly groundbreaking here, it is nice to see a mobile carrier develop a native application for its own (current) flagship device instead of leaving it up to third party developers.

Sure, all the info included in My Account is readily available on the Net, in store, or over the phone, but why not take advantage of Android while also making customers a drop happier in the process? Nice work, guys.