Rumor: RIM to launch downloadable TV show service


Here’s a spicy rumor for you all to enjoy. Apparently RIM is planning some sort of BlackBerry TV store/service/thing, and may launch it as early as CTIA next week. (CTIA is like CES, but just for cellphone stuff; actually, a more accurate comparison would have been with Barcelona’s Mobile World Congress; thank you.) It’d be a subscription service, and the TV shows download over a Wi-Fi connection; it won’t use your data (3G if you’re lucky) connection at all.

Of course, these are just rumors. Supposedly there’s more than a few networks who have licensed content for there store, so there’s that.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t the BlackBerry Storm not have Wi-Fi? Wouldn’t that be the best BlackBerry to view TV shows? So, if, indeed, this rumor pans out, we’ll see how RIM tries to spin that.