New edumacational ‘Welch’ netbooks coming in May from Dell?


Kids! Get ready for back to school already! An anonymous troublemaker leaked these colorful product shots to Gizmodo showing what’ll be called the Dell Latitude 2100 series of netbooks. Specs will apparently include all the standard 10-inch netbook fare – 1.6GHz Atom CPU, up to 2GB of RAM, three- and six-cell batteries, sub three-pound weight – and they’ll be positioned at students, with talk of “a possible touchscreen.”

The netbook series is codenamed “Welch” and will cost under $600 if this all turns out to be true. Dell is apparently “trying to launch this around May 2009 in time for back to school season,” according to Giz. That’s back to school season now? I guess that makes sense, as a late summer/early fall back to school season would otherwise infringe upon Christmas.

[via Gizmodo]