Cloud Management Provider Sonoa Systems Lands Deal With MTVN

Sonoa Systems, a provider of analytics, management, and governance solutions for cloud services and APIs, has struck a deal with MTV Networks (MTVN) to optimize the network’s online and mobile content distributions. Sonoa’s product, ServiceNet, will help MTVN manage the delivery of video feeds as the they open their APIs to partners and consumers in the cloud.

MTVN is using Sonoa’s cloud-based service to give their online syndication partners a platform to use and deploy the network’s content feeds. Sonoa’s analytics will help MTVN measure performance and usage patterns of each syndication feed and allows the network to see how people are using their technologies and APIs. And having this highly personalized information will let MTVN determine new revenue opportunities and measure customer satisfaction.

Sonoa’s product is another way of how enterprises can leverage the cloud to help serve partners and clients. In this case, the cloud is being used as a distribution platform for content. Using the cloud for mass distribution of media content is pretty compelling and just shows how the cloud is continuously expanding business models and data storage functionality.

Here’s what Chet Kapoor, CEO of Sonoa Systems said about the partnership:

“As more companies look to create new business models via cloud services, solving the common challenges faced when exposing services, feeds and APIs become critical to their success. Our solution solves these issues delivering a layer of security, control, performance and visibility in the cloud that result in better performance and substantially lower operational costs. MTVN is definitely ahead the curve, their innovation is truly a great example of how both traditional enterprises as well as web-centric companies can use cloud services to better serve and reach their partners and customers.”