CTIA09: Hands-on gallery of the AT&T Nokia E71x


Original E71 on left, AT&T E71x on right

It seems a bit silly to do a full hands-on of the just announced Nokia E71x for AT&T, seeing as it’s essentially identical to the original E71 – which we’ve already given a thorough reviewing. Besides the obvious color difference (Black on black, rather than silver on white), the changes are somewhat trivial: it has Feature Pack 3 rather than Feature Pack 2 (which is just about the same thing, from the end user’s standpoint), AT&T’s standard service suite, and it lacks the FM radio of the x-less edition.

While there may not be all that much to write about it*, that doesn’t stop it from being pretty; we stopped by Nokia’s booth to give it a bit of lens time alongside the original E71 – check out the fully gallery below.

(If we did have one thing to say about it, it’d be: holy crap, fingerprints. We wiped this thing down a good 10 times during the photoshoot, but fingerprints are still visible in every shot. Maybe it’s the Vegas grime all over my hands, but I just couldn’t keep this thing clean.)