CTIA09: Hands-on video of the LG GD900

Hey, look! It’s the LG GD900 from Mobile World Congress, except not behind an inch of glass!

We’re amazingly torn on this device; on one hand, it’s an exercise of vanity, with nearly every defining feature existing solely for show. I mean, come on – a clear touch keypad? Why? On the other hand, hot damn it’s pretty. It’s a fashion phone without a fashion brand attached (yet.)

The S-class interface which made its first appearance on the LG Arena has made its way onto the handset, but the port doesn’t seem quite ready for prime time. The rep couldn’t get a number of features (quick launch touchpad gestures, for example, refused to play nice – in theory, you could draw a letter with your finger down on that clear layer to skip to user selected areas of the handset). LG is promising the GD900 some time in this quarter, so hopefully they can get things brushed up quick.