How to turn your Apple logo into an LCD screen


Eddie Zarick, the guy who stuffed an LCD into the little cut out Apple logo on his Macbook. While you’re not going to get much overall usability value out of the mod, it’s still quite cool.

Ed has published a full tutorial on how we worked his magic and it doesn’t look hard as long as you don’t mind cracking open your MacBook.

First off you need to get the drivers installed on your computer that you will be using and make sure you get the LCD working first. This is very simple, just download and install them and then plug in the USB LCD and it should act as a secondary monitor.
Ok first off you need to go ahead and disassemble your MacBook. Yes.. this WILL void the warranty. Use the guides at iFixit to remove your Logic Board and Screen (HERE). You are going to need to remove the screen from the bottom half of the computer.