MindTouch Enhances Wiki-like Enterprise Collaboration Platform

Opensource wiki developer MindTouch has released a new version of its opensource, wiki-like collaboration platform for enterprises, MindTouch 2009. The platform has been beefed up so that developers can build rich applications off of MindTouch and has also added a bi-directional message switchboard.

MindTouch’s platform connects teams, enterprise systems, web services and Web 2.0 applications with IT governance enabling users to access, publish and organize data and systems. Customers include Mozilla, Microsoft, Intel, Intuit, The Washington Post, US Army, EMC, Harvard, Timberland, and The United Nations.

With the newest release, developers are able to deploy innovative and rich internet applications by combining DekiScript (MindTouch’s scripting language) and Javascript, using the JEM (Javascript with with events and messages) technology. With this enhancement, developers will be able to create more complex and innovative applications.

With the new bi-directional messaging bus, MindTouch users will be able to send and receive change notifications when changes are made within MindTouch 2009 or to the many applications that users plug into MindTouch 2009. These content change notifications can be pushed MindTouch platform to a variety of places including email, mobile devices, or even Twitter and WordPress blogs. Users can now choose to receive an email that notifies them when a specific page changes, or when certain files are revised, or when new users are added to the system. The new messaging bus serves as a switchboard, making it easier than ever for users to connect different applications, systems, allowing them to remix data while keeping it all updated in real-time.

The software seems like it could be pretty useful to businesses when trying to seamlessly collaborate content and IT teams across a web platform. And MindTouch offers a free open source software core and offers premium services starting at $2,000. Its wiki-like platform is appealing to businesses big and small, and the open source ideation seems to provide for an innovative product that simplifies complex interactions.

Here’s a video detailing the upgrade of MindTouch’s application: