People sure are buying the new iPod shuffle


Well, those new iPod shuffles sure are selling well! Sales of the little digital player went up a whole 50 percent compared to the previous week (when the old model was still kicking about). But the rest of the iPod line? Not as great, no.

When you total all iPod sales (in the U.S.), you find that sales have fallen 38 percent since last year. That’s not optimal, obviously, but unless you’re an antsy shareholder of Apple, Inc. stock I don’t see any reason to freak out. If nothing else, maybe it’ll encourage Apple to do something *crazy* with the next iPod refresh? (Or has Apple hit a wall, design-wise; is the company now iPhone + everything else?)

(Keep in mind that all this sales info, which comes by way of the NPD, only takes into account Apple’s retail stores, like the dumb glass cube on Fifth Avenue in New York. How many of you don’t buy your Apple stuff from the Web site?)

Also, who buys the shuffle? Why not spring for a nano? Why am I asking so many questions?