Wendy's asking you to "bid" on prizes

wendysThis may seem a little off topic for CrunchGear, but once you see the prize list, you’ll understand why we’re talking about it. Hamburger huckster Wendy’s is holding a contest of sorts, auctioning off a few different prizes each day. Again.

They did this last January and it seemed to be pretty popular.

There’s a few things of interest to gamers, including an Xbox 360 elite, an Ultimate Game Chair, Panasonic 50″ plasma, and a few other things coming up in the next few days. The premise is that as each item comes up for bid, it will start at the full retail price. People will click and try to be the first person to bid the item down to $0.99 Now, I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess that Wendy’s won’t actually expect you to pay $0.99 for any of the items that you might win.