Brit firm developing solar powered parking spots

This comes from the, “well duh!” file. A UK firm is developing a canopy designed to be mounted over a parking spot with solar cells, so people driving all-electric vehicles can charge while parked. This sounds like a really great idea. Imagine being able to charge up your car while you’re at work.

Currently, the company only has the awnings only installed at their UK headquarters, but word is that they have received a ton on interest from various sectors. I absolutely love this concept, it would help to defray some of the concerns people have about where the electricity for these all-electric cars would come from. Just plug in the car when you get to work, and let it charge up all day!

Each parking space is expected to generate about 1100 kilowatt hours of electricity annually, and they can be linked to the electrical grid so no energy would be wasted.

[via Gearlog]