Power Glove: Reloaded features accelerometer, Arduino chipset

You know, I love the Power Glove. Obviously, because it’s so bad. Not rad bad, but bad bad. It never really worked right, and despite mods like this one over the years, it’s never really found a real audience outside of the ironic crowd (I own two). I really don’t know why Nintendo hasn’t released a Powii Glove yet, but if they make it like this thing, I’m sure they’d sell a bundle.

One feature I don’t see implemented is a open/closed hand sensor. Could be as simple as a button on the palm, but it would add yet another layer of glove-like control to the thing. Of course, beggars can’t be choosers. But they can beg!

So you can get the whole set of instructions at the creator’s website, or at Instructables.