Review: Cake Mania 3 for the iPhone/iPod Touch


It’s no secret that my favorite Nintendo DS game is Cake Mania 2 (published by Sandlot) and my favorite Xbox game is Fuzion Frenzy. What these two games from two separate platforms have in common is Hudson Entertainment. And bless their hearts for bringing Cake Mania 3 to the iPhone.

I don’t typically follow the storyline in Cake Mania, but I’ll tell you this much about CM3 – it’s weird. You start out in Revolutionary France and then venture on to Medieval England. The ‘customers’ are all nuts, but it’s a highly addictive game that I can’t stop playing. If you’re unfamiliar with the series and you’re on a PC then check out Sandlot Games to try it out, but you’ve been warned.

So, how does the game translate to a different style of touch-based input? It works surprisingly well, but it’s equally frustrating. Compared to the DS, there’s one extra tap for everything that you need to do. For example, when decorating your cake, you have to tap an oven to bring it up and then tap the specific cake you wish to bake. But even when the cakes themselves are brought to the forefront, you have to be precise about which quadrant you’re tapping. Otherwise, it’s a cakewalk. Just be sure to focus on your deliveries!

CM3 is currently on sale for $4.99, so get it before it goes back to $7.99.