Computers to read your blog aloud, with emotion, in Japan

I’m not sure how many people are going to take up any sort of serious blogging (you know, like us serious bloggers do) from their phone. Can you see yourself dictating a full-sized blog post while walking down the street? And do you trust a voice recognition computer to transcribe it correctly? Well, even if you do (and buddy, I sure don’t), do you trust it to interpret your mood correctly so it can read your blog aloud to visitors with the correct intonation? NEC does.

Apparently this new blogging technology detects the anger, sadness, or whatnot in your voice and embeds it in the text data. This way, when their new synthetic voice reads off the blog (another questionable advance), it knows to make itself sound frustrated, or harsh, or glad.

Is this the technology the terminators will use to imitate human beings, when the end times come?

[via Digital World Tokyo]