T-Mobile readying Android home phone system, 7-inch tablet device?

android-logo[1] T-Mobile will apparently be selling an Android-based home phone system and some sort of Android tablet device next year, according to “confidential documents” obtained by the New York Times.

T-Mobile wouldn’t comment on the supposed offerings but admitted that “several devices based on Android” are currently in development.

According to the New York Times:

T-Mobile plans to sell a home phone early next year and soon after a tablet computer, both running Android, according to confidential documents obtained from one of the company’s partners. The phone will plug into a docking station and come with another device that handles data synchronization as it recharges the phone’s battery.

The home phone sounds mildly interesting, while the tablet computer is much more intriguing assuming it could be taken outside the house and used anywhere you can get a T-Mobile signal. Apparently it’ll have a 7-inch touch screen and “would handle basic computing jobs like checking the weather or managing data across a variety of devices in the home.” Again, let’s hope you can throw this thing in your bag and take it on a train.

Further details like pricing and availability are non-existent so far, but this is another good sign that the Android platform is continuing to expand.

[via NYT]