Feeling stressed out lately? Just try breaking the Yubi Poki


Are you constantly stressed? Do you want to shake off those violent day dreams? But you don’t have anyone to take it out on? Then Japan’s newest mini toy, the Yubi Poki (Japanese for finger breaker) [JP] is probably the right gadget for you.

Offered by Japanese “PC entertainment company” Solid Alliance, users are supposed to try to “break” the Yubi Poki, essentially a dumb bell-like toy that’s flexible in the middle part, in half and shout their aggressions out (like the official promotion picture above shows). As a reward, the toy will produce a sound, saying “Poki Poki”, which means “crack crack” in English.


According to Solid Alliance, users are supposed to not only reduce stress but also feel like machos when playing with the toy. The company recommends it to use during class or a boring meeting. This makes a lot of sense to me.

The Yubi Poki is available from the middle of May but is Japan-only at this point. If you want to buy it and live outside Nippon, I suggest you contact either Rinkya or mini gadget specialist Strapya (Strapya’s Japanese site is already listing the Yubi Poki). The Japanese street price is $5. It’s available in black, red and white.