Fox tells 4chan MOAR


Fox News has discovered and blames the odd community on a number of worldwide calamities including, but not limited to:

Ever get your MySpace page hacked into? Chances are it was 4chan’s fault.

Surfing YouTube and suddenly find yourself watching an old Rick Astley music video? You were “rickrolled” by 4chan.

Enjoy reading Sarah Palin’s personal e-mail? She’s got 4chan to thank for that.

Hear someone shout out the ending of the latest Harry Potter book while you’re in line at Barnes and Noble? 4chan strikes again.

That’s right: Fox News has become a /b/tard. As BBG points out, breathless prose like this makes 4chan into something more so odd and all-powerful that you wonder why they didn’t slip the word “terrorists” in there… Oh wait.

Fellow hip-hop site shut down its own forums as the invasion spilled over into them, a stunt that AllHipHop’s managers deemed an “unprovoked racist attack” by “cyber terrorists.”

Now my dad, who isn’t conservative but pretends he is to piss me off, can email me about 4chan. Thanks, Fox News!