Mitsubishi outs a bevy of new HDTVs

It’s new HDTV time from Mitsu! The company that brought you the LaserVue HDTV, now has 3D ready sets and flat screens equipped with 16 speakers. Thankfully, it seems that these sets are better priced for the fledgling economy. It’s hard to imagine that many American’s have enough available credit to squeeze the ultra-lux LaserVue onto the credit card, but these sets start out at $1,599 and max out at $4,999 for the big 3D 82-incher.

The 737 series come 3D-ready and are available in large, big daddy sizes of 60-, 65-, 73-, and 82-inches. These sets include a whole range of features coded in Mitsubishi talk: JADE Activity Based User Interface, Improved DeepField™ Imager, SharpEdge™, Video Noise Reduction, UltraThin™ Frame and Mitsubishi’s Exclusive 6-Color Processor™. Yeah, these sets have that stuff in them, which basically boils down to “it looks good.”

The 837 series maintains all the stuff from the previous series but adds more picture quality specs, which notably includes an ISFccc Certification.

These sets are available now and start out at $1,499 for the 60-inch 737 and continue up through the 65 and 73 to the $4,199 82-incher. The higher quality 837 series contains a 65-inch with a $2,199 price, a 73-inch for $2,999, and a 82-inch for $4,999.


The new Unisen Mitsubishi lineup adds high quality sound to flat screens. Finally a manufacturer concluded that equiping a high-quality soundbar to a flat screen makes sense. These flat screens come with a 16 speaker soundbar that virtually creates surround sound. An on-screen GUI and microphone assists in the setup, which makes the system sound as advanced as many aftermarket solutions.

The Unisen series, of course, has all the video quality bells and whistles including 120Hz Film Motion Technology, Plush1080p 5G 18-bit digital video processing. This series should start shipping in the States next month and range in price from $1,799 for the 40-inch to $3,299 for the 52-inch.