Rock Band Unplugged for the PSP out on June 9

Harmonix just announced that RBU for the PSP is launching on June 9 in both North America and Europe. I’m not entirely sure what they mean by my hands being the peripherals, but my tendinitis is already acting up. Like the console versions, Rock Band Unplugged will have World Tour, Band Survival and Warm Up modes along with character creator. It’s also going to feature over 40 masters that includes nine exclusive tracks for the PSP. But how’s all that going to work, you ask?

Well, RBU will have be the first to have an in-game store for DLC. The following are the nine exclusives that the PSP will launch with, but don’t worry, you’ll be able to get them later on your console.

· 3 Doors Down – “Kryptonite”

· AFI – “Miss Murder”

· Alice in Chains – “Would?”

· Audioslave – “Gasoline”

· Black Tide – “Show Me the Way”

· Blink 182 – “What’s My Age Again”

· Freezepop – “Less Talk More Rokk”

· Jackson 5 – “ABC”

· Tenacious D – “Rock Your Socks”

What would a major title launch for the PSP be without a limited edition Entertainment Pack? The RBU bundle will include a voucher for the movie School of Rock, a 4GB memory card, and a “piano black” PSP. You can get the game for just $40 or the bundle for $200.