Nintendo absolutely dominates this decade's top-selling games

The last 10 years haven’t been all kind to Nintendo. The early part of the decade was dominated by the PS2 and GTA games. But once ’05 and ’06 roll around and the DS and Wii take off? Oh my god.

9 out of the top 10 top-selling console titles are from Nintendo, and their numbers dwarf the others, according to this official-looking chart from VGChartz. I guess arguments could be made that Wii Sports was a tie-in and Wii Play people bought because it came with a controller, but buddy, it doesn’t matter. This is like when in the Lord of the Rings they actually see the true size of Lord Voldemort’s army of Wolfoids or whatever. We knew they were doing well, but this is ridiculous.

Although as expected, the PS2 still holds its own on total sales, which I guess you could compare to the ghost army that Aragorn drafts. But like that army, the PS2 is also about to disappear on the breeze. I release you!