Rock Band double bass pedal up for pre-order

41GNORTAxkL._SL500_AA280_ Not content to let Guitar Hero: Metallica hog all the double-bass glory, you’ll soon be able to add a second kick pedal to your Rock Band setup. The recently-announced “Universal Rock Band Replacement Kick Pedal” from accessory maker PDP is available for pre-order on Amazon for shipment June 1st.

The pedal costs $24.99 and comes with an adapter to hook up a second pedal:

Officially licensed and original replacement kick pedal for Rock Band 2. Features steal enforced diamond plate cover to prevent breakage. Includes double bass adapter that allows for two pedals to be used at the same time. Works with both Rock Band and Rock Band 2 games.

Now the big question is: which game will be the first to offer some sort of bracket that allows you to attach two guitars together Jimmy Page-style?

Universal Rock Band Replacement Kick Pedal []