Win a Kindle 2 from thriller author Andrew Gross

Do you like thrillers? You like Kindles? Well you’re in luck. The good folks at Harper Collins are offering a fully articulated Kindle 2 including a copy of Andrew Gross’ new book, Don’t Look Twice or one of 5 autographed copies of the book in handsome “paper” format.

Don’t Look Twice, by Andrew Gross, is the dramatic new novel following the bestselling The Dark Tide, in which a drive-by shooting rocks the posh suburb of Greenwich, Connecticut, and an innocent bystander is left dead. It’s a gripping story of profiteering on an international scale and an emotionally resonant domestic thriller. How do you win?

Pop over to the contest page and enter your pertinent information. They won’t spam you. We’ll run the contest for about two weeks then they’ll pick a few winners at random. Easy peasy.