Samsung announces the AT&T SGH-A657, safe from dust, shock, and ladies


Alright, fellas – lets get this one out of the way: the Samsung SGH-A657 isn’t going to score you any points from the ladyfolk. These military spec phones never do. That said, if you’ve actually got a reason to be carrying a phone like this, you’re probably too busy rappelling out of helicopters to care what people think about your mobile. Or, you know, you work construction or something – but hardcore army dudes make for better imagery.

As far as features go, it’s the mobile equivalent of a Kia Spectra wrapped up in a tank’s body. It’s got Bluetooth 2.0, Stereo Bluetooth, AT&T Navigator and Mobile music, Push to Talk, EDGE and HSDPA, microSD expansion, and all the basics you’d expect of any phone – but it’s also spec’d to play rough, meeting military specifications for dust, shock, vibration, and extreme temperatures. Plus it has a flashlight, just in case you drop the keys to your war machine.