selling unlocked iPhones for a price

Don’t feel like dealing with jailbreaking you iPhone and killing iTunes updating? Got $799? has an iPhone for you. The retailer is now selling the Jesusphone fully unlocked and with a full Apple warranty. It isn’t cheap at 800 bones, but think about what you get without all the legal worries. Finally, the iPhone can now legally work on the T-Mobile network and travel abroad too according to the description. But why now is this fully unlocked iPhone available? Could it be an inventory clearing tactic before a new model launches. Probably.

The iPhone is due for an update and Apple likely has a bunch of the current crop stored in a warehouse. Sounds plausible, right? So Jobs & Co. – or – must get rid of this generation before the new model launches soon. We’re not sure how AT&T feels about the unlocked edition, but the $799 price tag must carry a huge profit margin on the 16GB edition. via 9to5mac