Juice camera: A camera, which is shaped like a, well, juice box


FUUVI [JP], a Tokyo-based design company is selling a point-and-shoot camera that comes in the form of a juice box (of all things). Design-wise, you can choose between five flavors: Sunny, Strawberry, and Supermarket Mania (either as European, Asian or American flavor). Hmmm, why not?

The so-called Juice Camera uses 35mm film, features a release that’s shaped like a straw and comes with a 28mmF9.5 lens. It’s sized at 64×34×100mm. The Japanese street price is $23.


As always, I suggest you contact Japan Trend Shop, Gizmine, Geek Stuff 4 U or Rinkya in case you live outside Japan and want to surprise someone with a (very) special gift.